made in game maker studio 1.4 or a version prior to game maker studio 2.0

to play in chrome go to chrome://flags autoplay no user gesture is required.

just an ordinary day at destiny islands but sepiroth shows up and harasses sora. we are affected by everything good and bad, so relax enjoy the island. Includes a 2 + 1.0 d jump system where you can walk in any direction but press space and you see the view above that area and then can land back down on the ground. With this system you can dodge cracks in a bridge run far to the right then jump to soar back down to a safe area of the bridge.

uses only mouse controls but they work similar to an analog stick.

tap arrows move

on ground

tap jump move into the air

in air

tap jump jump

does work on mobile android if you disable the gesture requirement for media playback. will still work without it. you just won't hear audio.

if the resolution was lower it would barely work on a last gen iphone. however the audio would not work. hopefully it works on the latest iphone.

to play on ios play in snowbunny web browser. tested on iphone 5s. obsoleted use opera mini and set image quality in browser to lowest.

mobile version here